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About Us

Hope for Relief Organisation Vision, Mission Statement, Values and Guiding Principles

  1. Vision

Empowered Communities where all vulnerable members are able to sustain their lives

  1. Mission Statement

To create empowered communities by provision of Health, Educational and social needs to rural immunities through health interventions in HIV prevention, Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights, Water Sanitation and Hygiene and ending early child marriages and prevention of Gender Based Violence (GBV) against Women and Girls.

Core Values

  1. Transparency and Accountability

We are transparent on our programmes and accountable for the funds we solicit for the benefit of our societies

  • Honesty

We create programmes which addresses the actual needs of our societies

  • Tolerance

We execute our programmes without discrimination of any person based on gender, race, sex, identity etc.

  • Sustainability and ownership

We ensure that there is continuity in our programmes through engaging the community in our programming

  • Participation

We ensure that there is participation from all the people we serve

Guiding Principles

  • Hope for Relief involves the people we serve in our programmes
  • Hope for Relief developed systems and strategies that ensure controls in finances and protect the image of the organisation
  • Hope for Relief abides by the rules and stipulations in our constitution and fulfil the mission of the organisation.
  • Hope for Relief developed inclusive programmes for the benefit of all people without discrimination.
  • Hope for Relief developed programmes which emanate from the real needs of people we serve and ensure their continuous involvement at all levels.
  • Physical address:

Along Chitipa Airfield (Chiwanja), Opposite Tulipoka Executive Lodge, Chitipa District.

  • Post Address:

Hope for Relief Organisation, P.O. Box 126 Mzuzu.