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Phased Out Projects

1. Start Free HIV Prevention

Start Free HIV Prevention project” funded ViiV Health Care through Positive Action for Children Fund (PACF): The goal of the project was to reduce mother to child transmission of HIV in Traditional Authority Kameme, Chitipa district in the northern region of Malawi by 60% through provision of inclusive and cohesive community based PMTCT driven approaches. The project has been able to directly benefit a total of 1877 targeted people constituting Women aged 25+ years, Young Women aged 20-24, men, Children aged less than 6 months, and Children aged between 6 months and 2 years. Indirectly the project has managed to reach out to 3121 people in the categories of Women, Young Women, men and Children.

2. Ending Girl-Child Marriages

Growing community response in ending Girl-Child Marriages” supported by Mundo Cooperate, the project led to reduction of early marriages among girls under the age of 16 from 560 per year in 2019 to 165 by December 2020. At the same time the By-laws have been formulated and signed in 3 communities of Kameme in Chitipa District. 1200 people have been reached so far with the information on the formulated Community By-laws.

3. Keeping Girls Safe in Schools Project

The project involved a number of initiatives such as constructing girls’ sanitary bathrooms, distributing of Reusable sanitary pads for free to rural poor school girls, Holding engagement meetings between parents, mother groups, teachers and Village committees (Village Development Committees/Area Development Committees). We are expanding this project to more schools in Rumphi and Chitipa Districts. Over 2,000 Vulnerable Poor Rural girls aged 12-18 have benefited.

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