With Support from Rock Bujumbura, Hope for Relief Organisation received music instruments for the Purpose of spreading the Health and Education Messages for our projects. This is a way of assisting the youths in Rumphi District to identify and nurture their skills in Music. And reducing the risk of youths indulging themselves in risky behaviors like excess alcohol drinking, sex work and using drugs. Most Youths are staying idle soon after completing the Secondary school Education; hence they become unproductive in their communities.

We identified 2 part-time Volunteer Music Trainers who started offering music lesson during Weekends.  The aim was to identify talented youths in Rumphi district who would form HOPE FOR RELIEF BAND.  The band would also act an Income Generating Activity for the organization through Music Festivals.  Since March 2017, Several Youth within Rumphi Town started showing interest in learning music and 7 Youths (3 Girls and 4 Boys) have enrolled for music lessons.


  • 2 Music trainers are equipping youths in Rumphi with Music Skills.
  • 7 Youths have started attending lessons in Music theory and Instruments playing. Among the learners we have 2 Keyboardist, 1 Guitarist, 2 Drum Beater and 2 vocalists.
  • Many youths are showing interest to join the music lessons.