Hope for Relief Organisation partnered with Aflatoun International to implement the Aflatoun Concept of Child Social and Financial Education (CSFE). Aflatoun concept of Child Social and Financial Education (CSFE) is done in Aflatoun clubs.
The Aflatoun CSFE believe that children are powerful agents of social and economic change.  Empowering children to make this change and break the cycle of poverty means making them aware of what their rights and responsibilities are, and equipping them with the tools to put those rights into practice.The Aflatoun programmes include a structured curriculum that begins by allowing children to believe in themselves and understand their rights and responsibilities. It is then that the notion of saving is introduced to them – children save money, resources and things they value to instill the habit of saving in their everyday lives.  The next step is learning how to plan and budget, skills that make them aware that they have choices and control over how they can use their resources.Children demonstrate and practice their learning through social enterprises and financial enterprises where they collaborate as a team and discover how they can have a positive impact on their community.  The project has just been implemented, facilitators of the project have been trained by the regional master trainer. Sensitization meetings with community members have been conducted.